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[LBN011] Adriano Orru - "Hesperos"

Published September 15, 2011

"Hesperos" is a work based on simplicity. A musician and his instrument.
Some other small objects: marbles balls, pins, beaters...
Six tracks that have in common the fact of starting from the simplest thing in an instrument like the double bass: the sound of a open string.
This element is the "basic foundation" from which it develops that small or big world of sounds which is a music piece.
Many simple pieces can give life to something complex. Just like in nature.

La bel netlabel

Adriano Orru


Reviewer: La bèl netlabel - Quality Label - - October 20, 2011
Subject: REVIEWS

Avant Music News - (19 October 2011)... "Orru’s album is lyrical at the same time that it is experimental...This is a variety of idea art that doesn’t sacrifice the art for the idea."

Yo-u-turn - (11 October 2011)... Mi vedo tra la gente di un certo rango che non ne capisce niente. Mi vedo vicino un musicista cagliaritano che percuote il suo contrabbasso, sento troppe voci, dentro di me sclero.

The Breakfast Jumpers - (11 October 2011)... Sei tracce di libera sperimentazione, suoni complessi costruiti attorno ad un nucleo di ritmica ipnotico ed evoluzioni eclettiche.

Recent Music Heroes - (07 October 2011)...Actually it is much more above you than usual chamber music used to represent cutting edges for. More profoundly, it is filled in with frenetic jam sessions which ultimately seems to be intricate and highly energized.

Mùsica Selection - (01 October 2011)...Adriano Orru, un contrabajista que desde Italia nos regala este trabajo instrumental de una libre improvisación, en donde escucharemos un sonido crudo y directo, todo en un ambiente minimalista y experimental muy valioso. Interesante.

Acuvi - (29 September 2011)...The fine Italian netlabel La bèl are known for bringing the most interesting collection of multi experimental, easy listening and simple electronica to the web. This time the latest release is from Adriano Orrù.
Reviewer: Drizzi - - October 6, 2011
Subject: NetMusic Life Review
"Sicuramente "Hèsperos" non è un album di facile ascolto e richiede un'adeguata attenzione e dedizione. Ed in questi tempi così frenetici ed imprevedibili vale la pena sacrificare poco più di mezzora per questa insolita e gratificante esperienza."

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